Biden Delivers Three Victories Against Union-Busters

One of our favorite blogs – UCOMM Blog – compiled a list of 20 things President Biden has already done to help unions. While we are still miles and miles away from restoring worker rights and freedoms, it’s important to acknowledge victories, too.

We thought we’d highlight three victories against union-busters (via UCOMM Blog):

Fired Peter Robb- Robb was Trump’s General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Back in the 1980’s, Robb was a key player in busting the PATCO union and brought that same anti-union spirit to the NLRB. In his time in office, Robb tried to end neutrality agreements and make inflatable rats, like Scabby, illegal. Robb was fired just hours after Biden took the oath of office. After firing Robb, he also fired Robb’s deputy who had become the acting General Counsel.

Biden Fires More Trumpers in US DOL- Biden’s quest to rid the government of Trump’s anti-union appointees continued with his decision to get rid of the ten members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP). This panel decides contract disputes between federal unions and the government. It was stacked with anti-union picks that included people from ALEC, the Heritage Foundation, and someone from a union-busting law firm. Biden gave the 10 appointees the chance to resign, which eight did, before the other two were fired.  With these appointees on the board, the government won 90% of the cases that came before the FSIP.

Repealed Union-Busting Executive Orders- These Executive Orders, signed by Trump in 2018, kicked unions out of their collectively bargained offices in federal buildings, limited union release time, and instituted one sided contracts onto a number of agencies. Repealing these orders was a top priority of federal unions and President Biden repealed them on his second day in office.