Democrat Maxine Waters Accepted $2,500 from Union-Busting Law Firm in 2020

Maxine Waters took union busting money in 2020
Credit: Flickr

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters (California District 43) is one of the most influential and respected members of the U.S. House of Representatives. However, that didn’t stop Waters from taking money from union-busters in 2020.

According to financial filings, Representative Waters accepted a $2,500 contribution from Jackson Lewis, one of the most notorious union-busting law firms in the country.

It’s beyond out understanding why a “pro-worker Democrat” would accept dirty money from Jackson Lewis, which puts on “war game” trainings all over the country to help management and supervisors deny workers their right to a union.

While Waters is a vocal critic of Wall Street and has a 98% lifetime rating with the AFL-CIO, she’s also come under criticism for taking corporate cash and attacking Redditors who recently highlighted the absurdity of the financial sector’s gambling practices. Add accepting union-buster money to a growing list of questionable choices.

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