Florida Republicans Pushing Anti-Teacher Union-Busting Legislation

Little surprise here, but the Florida legislature is once again trying to bust teacher unions. Republican Senator Ray Rodrigues’ SB 78 would eliminate dues deduction.

What’s “dues deduction”?

Many union members and employers have voluntarily negotiated to have union dues deducted from paychecks. Dues deduction is a simple way to make it easier for union members to pay dues and eliminates the unnecessary headache of having dues deducted from a bank account.

Why do Florida Republicans want to eliminate dues deduction?

Simple: they want to make it just a little bit harder to be a member of a union. By adding one more inconvenience to the lives of Florida’s teachers, Republicans are hoping educators will drop their membership.

It’s truly pathetic.

Take Action

If you’re a reader in Florida, please contact your state senator and ask them to oppose SB 78.