Florida union-busting bill returns from the dead

Union busting in Florida

An anti-public employee bill in Florida has returned from the dead. The Center Square reports on Florida Republicans’ union-busting efforts:

HB 1 required public employees – including teachers, firefighters and law enforcement officers – to reauthorize union memberships annually; unions to terminate memberships upon request; and it prohibited enrollment forms from asking a member’s political affiliation.

The bill never arrived on the Senate floor, dying in the chamber’s Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee without a hearing… The committee met for the first time in 2021 on Wednesday. Among the first bills to come before it was none other than HB 1 – in the form of Rodrigues’ Senate Bill 78.”

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This is what the next phase of the anti-union movement looks like. Corporate interests, disappointed by the underwhelming impact Janus has had on public sector unions, are pushing legislatures around the country to make it even more difficult to join a union by throwing up bureaucratic and unnecessary check points.