President must do whatever it takes to pass the PRO Act

Joe Biden must hold union busters accountable with the PRO Act

The PRO Act would – finally – hold union-busters accountable for breaking the law and silence workers. President Joe Biden must make it his top priority.

What the PRO Act does:

  • Creates monetary penalties against employers who try to illegally bust unions
  • Strengthens protections for workers who are wrongly fired during union organizing campaigns
  • Makes it easier for newly formed unions to secure their first contracts
  • Overrides anti-union “right to work” laws
  • Makes it harder for companies like Uber to avoid unions by misclassifiying employees as “independent contractors”

[Source: UCOMM]

The Missourian has a good letter-to-the-editor today about the PRO Act.

And readers might want to check out

The newly elected U.S. Senate, House, and President must act and pass the PRO Act in order to return essential rights and freedoms to the American workers.