PRO Act Report for March 7, 2021

pro act

The Choice for Democrats in Congress: Go Big or Go Home.

[P]rotecting the filibuster means Democrats are sacrificing the opportunity to pass almost any other legislation. That means taking off the table many legislative priorities that also bolster Democrats’ longterm electoral prospects and strengthen the voice of working people, including democracy reform (HR1, HR4, DC statehood) immigration reform and the PRO Act.

There is an element of unfairness in assigning blame to the Democratic Party as a whole, when a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate support the agenda we need and seem willing to use all the power they have to deliver. However the problem is this: that Democrats as a whole will pay the electoral price if they fail. The costs will not be simply borne by a few moderates who buck the Democrats’ popular agenda items.

Democrats under pressure to deliver on labor’s ‘litmus test’ bill

Labor groups are putting pressure on Democrats to deliver on their top legislative priority this year: a pro-union bill that targets state right-to-work laws.

The legislation, known as the PRO Act, has been introduced before, only to hit a wall with Republicans in the Senate. This time around, unions want to see an all-out effort from Democrats, one that extends to the White House.

“Strengthening our freedom to organize a union by finally passing the PRO Act is labor’s No. 1 priority,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told The Hill on Thursday. “The PRO Act is our litmus test.”

The first test will come next week, when the bill is likely to get a floor vote on Tuesday, according to a Democratic aide…

Democrats acknowledge that winning over enough Senate Republicans will be an uphill if not an impossible challenge.

Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.), a staunch labor advocate, said he is hopeful more Republicans will sign on to the House bill but is less hopeful about prospects in the Senate.