REPORT: “Koch-Funded Groups Back Anti-Union Bills in the States”

The Center for Media and Democracy published a must-read investigative report today on the Koch-backed effort to dismantle unions in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Tennessee.

Many of the anti-union bills circulating in state houses are based on model bills produced by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a pay-to-play operation where legislators and corporate lobbyists meet behind closed doors to adopt model legislation on a broad range of public policy issues…

Once introduced, usually by lawmakers with ALEC ties, right-wing State Policy Network (SPN) “think tanks” and affiliated nonprofits give the bills a sheen of academic legitimacy and provide testimony at committee hearings.

To further amp up the pressure on lawmakers, billionaire Charles Koch’s Americans for Prosperity (AFP) provides the “grassroots” boots on the ground to lobby for the anti-labor agenda.

ALEC, SPN groups, and AFP share many of the same funding sources, including Koch, the Bradley Foundation, and DonorsTrust, the preferred donor pass-through of the Koch political network.

Source: Center for Media and Democracy

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