Report: Union-Busting Criminals “Bombarding” Reddit with Anti-Union Comments on Behalf of Amazon

A recent Reddit post supporting the unionization of an Amazon warehouse has attracted the attention of Amazon’s union-busters, management, and other corporate trolls.

The post, which uses hard facts to make the case for supporting Amazon unionization, has been “bombarded” with copy/paste comments that look suspiciously similar and parrot language used by union-busting consultants.

The Reddit user who published the original post has even posted proof that these astroturf comments are coming from shills for Amazon.

Forsaken_Analysis763, a member of Amazon’s management team, and other union-busters are trolling a pro-union subreddit

For example, Reddit user Forsaken_Analysis763 posted a comment meant to appear as organic opposition to unionization. However, the original post’s author did a little digging and found out the commenter was a member of Amazon’s management.

UPDATE (rest of story continues below): post author horse7334 has been updating their original post with other examples:

The good news is that actual workers are calling the union-busters out for their astroturf tactics.

Read the Reddit thread here and , if you’re on Reddit, join the conversation and push back on the union-busting criminals.

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