“St. Louis MERS Goodwill is engaged in a vicious, deceptive, anti-union campaign”

The Labor Tribune reports:

St. Louis MERS Goodwill is engaged in a vicious, deceptive, anti-union campaign aimed at destroying efforts by UFCW Local 655 to improve wages and working conditions for employees at Goodwill’s Festus, Mo. store, the first in America to be organized.

After winning a representation election last year by an 80 percent majority, Local 655 is now fighting a vicious decertification effort by MERS Goodwill that includes the company using every dirty, anti-union trick in the book to try to convince employees to give up their union representation.

This union-busting effort by MERS Goodwill includes:

• Having an anti-union worker soliciting decertification signatures with distortions and half-truths about union.

• Distributing a flyer to try to sway votes against Local 655 with falsehoods – saying the International Union spent money for golf, without noting that it was a charity fundraising tournament; and saying the union spent “thousands” in Las Vegas, without explaining the money was for a nationwide International Union convention and officers’ training program required held every five years to update officers on changes to federal Labor law.

“It’s yet another tactic used to try to trick our members into believing our local is somehow not being fiscally responsible,” said Local 655 Director of Organizing Billy Myers.

“None of it had to do with Local 655 and how it spends its dues monies because the local is a good steward of members’ money and all expenditures have to be approved by the union’s executive board, half of which are rank-and-file members.”

MERS Goodwill’s anti-union tactics have succeeded in collecting enough signatures to force a mail-in decertification election. Ballots were mailed out Dec. 14, and employees have until Jan. 11, 2021 to return their ballots. So much for holiday good will.