The majority of Americans want to belong to a union. Unfortunately, over 80% of American workers who say they want a union don’t have one. That’s almost 70 million Americans who want to start or join a union, but haven’t.

The reason so many Americans don’t start or join a union is because the process can seem intimidating, confusing, and full of bureaucracy. That’s not a coincidence. Union-busting special interests have spent millions of dollars trying to dissuade hardworking Americans from starting unions. They want us to be intimidated and confused. They want us to forget that…

It is your legal right to start a union. Period. 

The United States enacted the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to protect the rights of employees. Under the NLRA, employees are guaranteed the right to form unions, engage in collective bargaining, and take collective action. The NLRA also makes union-busting illegal.

How many Americans know about their right to start a union under the NLRA? Not a lot. And that’s understandable. The language of lawmakers and lawyers is confusing and boring. We wrote this in the hopes of making it easier for hardworking Americans to start and join unions.


If you’re reading this, you probably already know why starting a union is a good idea for you, your family, your colleagues and fellow workers, and your workplace. However, it’s always worth reminding ourselves that…

  • Union employees make an average of 30% more than non-union workers.
  • 92% of union workers have job-related health coverage versus 68% of non-union workers.
  • Union workers are more likely to have guaranteed retirement plans.
  • Unions are associated with higher productivity, lower employee turnover, improved workplace communication, and a better-trained workforce.

    Source: Union Plus and even more examples can be found here.


Starting a union can be intimidating, but remember: you have a constitutionally protected right to start and join a union. The National Labor Relations Board, which oversees the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), defines the NLRA as “a federal law that grants employees the right to form or join unions; engage in protected, concerted activities to address or improve working conditions…”

Examples of employee rights include: Forming, or attempting to form, a union in your workplace; Joining a union whether the union is recognized by your employer or not; Assisting a union in organizing your fellow employees…



There is lots of information out there explaining how to start a union, but the truth is that the easiest way to start a union in your workplace is by contacting a union in your area and asking to be put in touch with an organizer. Not only is this the best way to start a union, but it’s also the strategy most likely to succeed.

It’s also important to be familiar with your rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and to familiarize yourself with union-busting techniques.

If you’re thinking of starting a union, complete the interest form below. Freedom to Join Together works with unions across the United States. When you submit your information, we get to work reaching out to unions in your area.