Union-Busting Report for March 7, 2021

Union-Busting Report: Amazon, Cruz, Raimondo, and Montana
Amazon Is Paying Consultants Nearly $10,000 a Day to Obstruct Union Drive

After hiring one of the country’s largest and most expensive union-avoidance law firms, Morgan Lewis, Amazon is now paying almost $10,000 per day plus expenses to three anti-union consultants: Russell Brown, Rebecca Smith and Bill Monroe. Among other campaigns, Brown and Smith have previously run controversial, high-profile anti-union drives at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2020, at which nurses preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic were subjected to a “relentless” anti-union campaign; and in 2017, at Kumho Tires in Macon, Georgia, where the National Labor Relations Board found that the company committed “numerous and egregious” unlawful anti-union actions. When Amazon’s anti-union campaign is over, the e-commerce behemoth will almost certainly have paid millions of dollars to its union avoidance consultants and law firm in order to prevent its Alabama-based employees from choosing a union.
Biden’s Commerce Secretary is Pure Clintonism

President Joe Biden selected RI Gov. Gina Raimondo as Commerce Secretary on January 7, 2021… She was a Rhodes scholar, a lawyer, a mom, and came out of the venture capitalist sector that had revived the Commonwealth next door with the so-called “Massachusetts Miracle.” …

What’s not to love?

A lot!

Her first major act in office boils down to a combination of late capitalist neoliberal strip-mining of the welfare state combined with shameless old-fashioned political blackmail. The Rhode Island legislature had run the state pension as a bail-out fund for their long-running, infamously corrupt, and utterly inept political schemes that would probably, under normal circumstances, have put a few former Treasurers and Governors (not to mention still-sitting legislators) in the dock for gross financial impropriety. The John and Laura Arnold Foundation (restructured as Arnold Ventures LLC in January 2019) hates public pension funds and conned the voters, in the aftermath of the 2007-09 crash, into believing there was a nationwide, systemic “pension crisis.” Paul Tudor Jones in turn loathes public education and is a big charter school funder… Raimondo used a lot of highfalutin mathy-math talk to trick the voters into endorsing her investment of the pension into hedge funds that back charter schools. Now every week public school teachers see a payroll deduction that finances the busting of their own union, a Kafka-level contradiction.
Ted Cruz Is Trying To Rebrand The Republican Party As A Working Class Utopia

Last week Republican Senator Ted Cruz, after his CPAC speech went on Twitter and he said that the Republican party is not the party of country clubs, even though he had literally just spoken at an event that featured a guy that owns a country club, even had a gold statue of said country club owner, Donald Trump. But anyway, Ted Cruz un-ironically gets on Twitter, says we’re not the party of country clubs. We are in fact, the party of blue collar working class Americans. And as I’ve pointed out in the past, plenty of times, there’s no need to go into detail on that, that would ignore the last, at least 40 to 50 years of Republican policies of union busting of, you know, uncontrolled wealth gaps. They’ve done nothing for the American worker in over 40 years, other than bust up their unions and lie to them about giving tax cuts to the wealthy somehow helping them.
Montana defeats ‘right to work’; W. Va. governor says it’s failed his state

The continuing drive by the corporate class and their right-wing GOP puppets to impose “right to work” around the U.S. took hits in Republican-run Montana and West Virginia on consecutive days in early March.