Union-Busting Tip Sheet for March 19, 2021

John Oliver Asks Alexa: ‘What Is Union Busting?’ Jimmy Fallon Shuts It Down | Vice

During a segment featuring an Alexa device, the talk show host frantically jumped in when his guest asked the speaker how bad Amazon’s working conditions were.

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Amazon Spent Nearly $10,000 PER DAY To Stop Alabama Union | New Video

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Supreme Court to weigh in on major California union-busting dispute | Washinton Examiner

The Supreme Court on Monday will take on a California property rights case whose outcome could have far-reaching implications for the future of organized labor.

The case, Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid, arose out of a seemingly minor dispute between a strawberry nursery and union activists over a California labor rule. That law allows unions to recruit members three hours a day for 120 days out of the year. Union members availed themselves of it, entering the nursery before work hours one morning with bullhorns — and incurring the wrath of owners, who said the disruption amounted to a “taking” of their property…

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse wrote in an amicus brief that the fruit companies were lobbying the Supreme Court for an unfair decision that, more than just restrict union activity, would “threaten a host of federal, state, and local public safety and welfare laws that require government access to private property.”

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When the Curtain Closes Backstage | Yale News

The College Street Music Hall stagehands and supporting union members are in tense talks with Mahler, who picketers say holds almost all decision-making power in the contract negotiations. Several say he has remained stalwart about his position. One picketer, leaning casually against the green molding of College Street Cycles, nonchalantly explained to me that Mahler is resistant simply because he is “greedy.”

The pandemic shutdowns have both complicated contract negotiations with Mahler and made the need for a new contract more dire. “The pandemic took the wind out of the sails for sure,” said Taylor. “But any way you slice it, Mr. Mahler was going to fight tooth and nail regardless, pandemic or not. We got bombarded with anti-union union busting propaganda pretty much every week for the voting period or up until the voting period when we were allowed to vote. He was prepared to fight us on this.” Mahler could not be reached for comment.

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